How it works


Signr is a web based service for electronic signatures. All you need is a registered user account and internet access. You log in at from any computer with your personal log in details. Once logged in, you are only three steps away from getting your document signed.

Step 1: Upload document

First step is to select and upload the document you want to have signed. We support multiple file formats and you can use the service for different purposes. Have your quotes, customer agreements, order confirmations, employment contracts etc. signed.

Step 2: Add parties

Add the parties to sign the document and determine the order in which they will sign.

Also determine if the party is a signing or reviewing party.

Step 3: Review and send

Review the agreement, select whether you want to sign the document directly in the service before the other parties or if you want to sign last, and then send an invitation for signature to the added parties. You can also set an expiration date to the agreement and add a personal greeting message.

An invitation to sign is now sent to the other parties by mail and all they have to do is follow a link in the received email, examine the contract online and sign by clicking accept, DONE! Quick, easy and secure! All parties now gets a copy of the signed document sent to their mail.

Manage your documents and Signr account. You can monitor all documents through the entire signing process in your own e-archive where all documents are stored securily. You can see and get notified in real time when the document is delivered, received, reviewed online, signed or rejected. All signed documents are filed (10 years from signature date) in the archive and are easy searchable thanks to the smart filter- and search functions. The administrators has the power to add new and manage users in the group. They can also manage and follow all users documents and see live status for every specific document. Upload your own logo to customize all email sent from your account.

Only the best is good enough. We have chosen to work together with market leaders such as Amazon, Rackspace and Send Grid in order to offer our customers the best possible solution in terms of functionality, usability and safety.