We understand that the safety and security of your personal information and the documents you entrust to our system is important for you. That is why we make it our top priority to keep it protected from unauthorized access.

There are multiple aspects that contribute to the safety and security of a platform such as ours. Some of them are inherent to the system whereas as others demand constant measures to ensure that the system in not tampered with. The following sections provide an overview of how we achieve the desired level of security of the system.

Application level security
Security is an aspect designed into the system rather than being an afterthought. The application that is at the core of the system has various measures and checks included to ensure that any possibility of slippage of sensitive data is avoided.

Access protection
All access to the site is protected by AES SSL encryption to prevent snooping and/or eves-dropping. This ensures that the communication between your browser and our server is encrypted end-to-end.

The padlock sign that you see in the address bar of your browser next to the SignR website address is assurance that the communication is secure.

Data encryption
Password and other sensitive data are encrypted before being stored in the system. This makes it difficult for any unsolicited or scrupulous elements trying to break into the system to get their hands on sensitive information.

Infrastructure security
Not just at the application level, the system is protected from the infrastructure level as well to prevent any unauthorized access. This includes both remote access and physical access.

Server environment
All our servers are hosted in industry approved access controlled environments. The physical access to the servers is allowed only for personnel who are authorized to perform maintenance activities.

All the systems and services are monitored 24×7 for good health. An eye is kept on any suspicious activity and remedial measures taken at every noticed incident.

Software updates
Most attacks on software systems happen due to un-patched vulnerabilities in the operating systems and other software. We are fully aware of the risks of leaving a system with vulnerabilities open in the internet. That is why we are keen to keep the operating systems and all other software up-to-date with the latest updates and security patches.

Separation of disjoint systems
Our server architecture is organized in a modular fashion. There is clear demarcation of systems depending on the role played by them. They are physically and logically separated such that a failure in one of them is easy to identify and rectify.