Terms and conditions

Terms and Conditions – SIGNR Solutions AB

1. Definitions
Agreement: The terms, conditions and other documentation that is a part of the agreement.
Customer: The legal entity that Signr has signed an agreement with.
Service: The service(s) provided by Signr.

2. General

Signr’s terms and conditions regulates the service(s) provided by Signr to the customer. The terms and conditions are a part of the agreement that has been made between Signr and the customer. If nothing else has been agreed, the specific terms in the contract comes first and in second hand the terms and conditions. If there is a contradiction between differentiated terms, the above priority is to be used. An agreement should be seen as viable when Signr has received a signed contract or confirmation with a verbal agreement. The signed agreement is dependent upon an approved credit check. Signr’s obligations can be changed due to changes in Swedish or international regulations or law.

3. Service description

If no other terms are agreed upon, all forms of contracts that Signr offers their customer has a limitation of 300 sent documents per user and month. All documents that have been signed by all parties is stored without extra charge up to 10 years from the date when the last party has signed the document. Documents that have not been signed by all parties are stored without extra charge for at least 6 months from the date the document was sent. Signr offers 1 GB of storage free of charge for each individual user account. Signr reserves the right to make changes to the Service agreement with respect to scope, structure and functionality. Signr shall with at least one (1) month notice inform the Customer about the change that effects agreed upon Service. The Customer thereafter has the right to cancel the contract without charge from the date when the change was put into effect. Furthermore, Signr reserves the right to with one (1) month notice cease to provide Service where the customer then also has the right to cancel the contract without charge from the date when the change has been put into effect.Unless otherwise agreed, contains all subscription forms SIGNR offers Customer , a limit of 300 items sent per month. All documents signed by all parties to be stored at no additional charge for up to 10 years from the date the last party signed document . Documents not signed by all parties stored without extra charge for at least 6 months of the document was created . SIGNR stores max 1GB free per user account . SIGNR reserves the right to make changes to the Service in terms of size , structure and function. SIGNR States, having at least one ( 1) month’s notice, inform the customer about changes affecting the agreed service . Customer is then entitled to terminate the Agreement toll with effect from the date the change has taken effect. Also reserves the right to SIGNR with one (1) month’s notice to cease the supply of Customer Service whereby even then has the right to terminate the Agreement free of charge from the change has taken effect.

4.Customer’s commitment and responsibility

The customer is responsible for any Signr shared passwords, codes, identities or similar and must be kept and stored in a safe and secure way. Signr claims no liability for any actions taken by a third party using the customer’s code, password, identity or similar that might affect the Service. The customer is liable for all users of the Service, this also includes employees and others users of the Service. Should it come to the Customers knowledge that one of its employees or anyone else violates the agreements in the agreed upon terms and condition, the Customer is responsible to immediately take action with the necessary steps for correction and inform Signr about the violation of the agreement. If the Customer violates the agreement; if the Customer’s operations are illegal, inappropriate, or undermining in any other way; if Signr views the context in which the Service is used as offensive, illegal, inappropriate or unfit; or if there is any risk for Signr or a third party if a Customer continues using the Service, Signr reserves the right to, with immediate effect, terminate the Customer’s future use of the service.

Signr is not liable for any compensation in the case that an authorized or unauthorized person violates the customer’s or Signr’s data-resources and gains access to, destroys or corruptsinformation. The Customer is liable for all material that the customer provides. The term ‘material’ is further defined as: text, images, sound, data, video or links to another location on the internet. The Customer’s material, contents and layout of personal website, and comments in discussion forums or similar is not allowed to violate the law, encourage or enable a third party to commit a crime, damage Signr or anyone else, or in any other way be inappropriate or offensive. The Customer further commits to follow the ethical rules that apply to the Service agreement. The Customer is responsible for retrieving any necessary grants and permission to receive, spread, or store material. In violation against the terms stated above Signr has the right to, with immediate effect, terminate the Customer’s future use of the service. Signr reserves the right to bill the Customer for the actions required by Signr as a result of the misuse of the Service. If any damages appear the Customer is liable to limit the effects of the damage. The Customer is responsible to, in writing, inform any change of name, address and number to Signr.

5. Fees
If no other agreement is made, the fees in accordance with Signr’s price list will be charged. The current pricing is available at Signr’s website www.signr.com or can be requested through customer service. Fees can consist of both variable and/or fixed fees, applicable one time fees as well as billing fees. All fees exclude VAT, other taxes and public fees. If the customer cannot use the service based on circumstances related to the customer or circumstances out of Signr’s control, this shall not free the customer from the obligation to pay applicable fees. For a customer having signed a contract for twelve (12), twenty-four (24) or thirty-six (36) months fixed price rates are applicable under the given contract time. If a customer who has signed a contract for twelve (12), twenty-four (24), thirty-six (36) months chooses to cancel the contract before the agreement ends, the customer shall then, with immediate effect, pay Signr for the outstanding value based upon the period of the contract’s validity. The customer shall be informed one (1) month in advance of any changes in the fees for the service. With any price increase in the fees for the service the customer has the right to cancel their contract without any extra fees, starting from the date the changes take place.

6. Payment

The payment shall be made to Signr within the time the respective invoice requires. Fixed fees may be invoiced in advance. If a customer’s debt to Signr is above Signr’s designated credit limit, Signr may, between regular invoice dates, demand immediate payment of the amount that exceeds the applicable credit limit. The credit limit may be changed if it is deemed necessary after specific credit checks. In the case of a delayed payment, Signr owns the right to charge the interest of an overdue payment according to applicable laws as well as a fixed handling fee and, in applicable cases, a collection fee. In the case where the customer is delayed with their payment for more than thirty (30) days, Signr will discontinue services to the customer until payment is made in full. The Customer is encouraged to pay within the reasonable time set and will be informed if payment is not made and the service therefore will be discontinued. Furthermore, Signr then reserves the right to, with immediate effect, cancel the contract for the specific service(s) and invoice the customer for the full remaining amount in the agreement.

7. Service, responsibility, accessibility and maintenance

Signr handles service and support related issues during normal service hours, unless other arrangements were previously agreed upon by Signr. Occurring errors are solved in urgency after the error is reported. Signr’s responsibility at an occurred outage does not encompass any outage or error that originates with the customer or any other occurrence outside of Signr’s control. In the occasion the outage or error originates from the customer, Signr holds the right to charge the customer an appropriate fee for the time spent researching and/or resolving the outage or error. Periods of planned maintenance for the service shall not be considered as an outage.

8. Signr’s responsibility

Signr does not exercise any control over the information that the customer has access to as a result of using the service. Signr has no responsibility for such information. Signr is never a signing party but only witnesses the transaction in the purpose of strengthening the validity of the documentation. Therefore Signr never takes any responsibility for the content or the credibility of the document itself. If a dispute arises concerning an agreement (document) that is signed with Signr, Signr’s only responsibility is to provide the parties information concerning the agreement (document) that can be retrieved by the service. Since Signr shall be seen as an unbiased party, all the parties are provided with the same information upon request. Signr is not liable for responsibility concerning the validity of the agreement (document) or its accordance with applicable laws. If the customer wishes to go to court to examine the validity of the agreements (documents) signed by the service, Signr reserves the right to suitable legal expertise. Signr’s liability for any damages or losses that have incurred for the customer as a result of the service, partly or in its entirety, not being provided, as a result of Signr’s error or neglect, whatever the cause, is limited by the following: The customer only has right to compensation for the direct cost and is limited to a total amount of ten (10) percent of the fixed fees the customer—according to the agreement—is paying under the given year the damage occurred. Compensation is not given in any case for indirect damage to the customer, for example lost profits, decreased production etc.

9. Marketing

The customer does not have the right to use Signr’s name, brand or any other trademark in marketing or similar activity without a written consent.

10. Force Majeure

A party shall not be liable for any failure of or delay in the performance of this Agreement for the period that such failure or delay is due to causes beyond its reasonable control, including but not limited to acts of God, war, strikes or labor disputes, embargoes, government orders or any other force majeure event.


In the case where a customer committed a major violation within the contract and no correction was made within thirty (30) days from the date Signr had sent a written warning and consequence, then the contract can thus be terminated. Signr has the right to, in writing, terminate the contract with immediate effect. In the case that the termination of the customer is based on point 4, Signr has the right to terminate the contract of the service and invoice the customer for the remaining amount of their contract. The party has with immediate effect right to terminate the contract if the other party has cancelled its payments, started a Bankruptcy process, liquidated the company or otherwise has shown clear signs of a questionable economic status.


The agreement for the services can only be transferred by the customer to another party after a written consent from Signr. Signr has the right to, without consent from the customer, transfer the rights and/or the responsibilities that are stated in the agreement. Signr shall inform the customer of the transfer of the agreement at least one (1) month in advance.

13.Change of Terms

These General terms and conditions are valid if anything else is not agreed upon. Signr reserves the right to change these General terms and conditions without any consent from the customer. Such a change is made one (1) month after the information of these changes has been sent to the customer. The customer has the right to, without any extra costs, terminate their agreement until the change in the General terms and conditions have been made. If the change is an obvious benefit to the customer, Signr has no responsibility to inform the customer in advance.

14.Customer information

At the signing of the agreement, Signr will register any necessary information that is required for the customer to use the service and in order to enable Signr to fulfill any obligations according to the agreement and applicable laws. By agreeing to these terms and conditions the customer gives Signr the right to, no matter the media, process and store information tied to the agreement for marketing purposes.


Messages sent through a letter shall be considered received by the receiver on the third day after sending the letter. Messages through fax or email shall be considered as received by the receiver immediately after being sent.

16. Termination of the agreement

If the agreement is terminated, the right for the customer to use the service is also terminated. The already-paid, fixed periodic fees are reimbursed for the period after the termination except in the case the termination of the contract is due to the customer having breached the agreement. Amounts below 4 EUR are not reimbursed.

17.Contract period

If the agreement has not been terminated within three (3) months before the expiration date, the agreement will be extended for a further contractual period according to conditions agreed with the customer.

18. Dispute

Swedish law shall be applied in the matter of a dispute. A dispute with regards to the interpretation or application of this agreement and connected legal relationship there in shall be tried and determined by arbitrators according to Swedish law. In a case where the disputed amount is lower than ten (10) times the basic amount decided at the time for solicitation of the arbitration according to the Swedish law (1962:381) of General insurance ”allmän försäkring” the dispute shall be tried and determined, on either party’s request, by arbitrators appointed by The Stockholm chamber of commerce “Stockholms handelskammare”. The arbitration shall be held in Stockholm where by Swedish law and language shall be applied. The arbitrators shall apply Swedish laws and rules “Rättegångsbalken” of judicial costs and voting. Though any claims for unpaid invoices for services provided shall be made before a General court assembly ”Allmän domstol”. Claims on the basis of this agreement shall, to beheld viable, made in writing at the latest three (3) months prior to when it came to the party’s attention or the knowledge of the claims should have come to the party’s attention. Under all circumstances the claim needs be presented within three (3) months after the date of the termination of the agreement. For consumers (private individuals) using the service ARN ”Allmänna reklamationsnämnden” can also try and settle a dispute outside of arbitration or General court assembly ”allmän domstol”.